HAVEL Spiral suojaspiraalit

HAVEL plastic hose guards efficiently protect hoses and electrical wires from external wear.

Track tensioners and chain tools making everyday work easier for the professionals.

Hassinen Veljekset Oy

Hassinen Veljekset Oy, more commonly known as HAVEL, is a Finnish family business with roots in forest machinery contracting for over 50 years. Since 1989, our company has developed and manufactured products for the demanding needs of various industries and contractors. Our main product is the Spiral hose guard, used for protecting hydraulic and pneumatic hoses as well as electrical wires, and it has been included in our product range already since the start of our business. Spiral hose guards made in our plastics workshop are used by the world’s leading equipment manufacturers for forestry, agricultural and mining applications. We also manufacture heavy-duty tools under the Mechanics brand for machinery contractors. We have been exporting our products since the 1990s; at present, there are some twenty export destination countries, mainly in Central Europe. All of the products are still manufactured in Ilomantsi, at our own factory.

Today, in addition to the founding brothers Seppo and Timo Hassinen, Havel is owned by Seppo’s children Mika and Suvi. The most important value and the guiding principle of the company is reliability, which is reflected in the high quality of the products, security of supply, and keeping of promises. Each product is manufactured with care, based on decades of professional experience. We continue to develop our products and strive to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. As a result of over 30 years of development, we can be proud of our products and be sure of our capability to offer the customers only the best, simple functionality.

HAVEL Spiral suojaspiraalit

Manufactured with the compression method, the HAVEL hose guard was our first and therefore our oldest product. Hose guards are also the main product we sell in Finland and abroad. Made from HDPE plastic, these hose guards can efficiently withstand solvents and temperature variations. HAVEL hose guards can be customised with the customer’s own logo and colour, to strengthen the brand appearance. Our largest customer groups include machinery manufacturers and hydraulics businesses.

In addition to the hose guard, various kinds of machines and equipment have been added to our product range, sold in Finland and abroad. Track tensioners have established a strong foothold among forestry machine manufacturers and operators.



For the customer

You know best how we can help. Our mission is to listen, help and be truly supportive of your business growth and development.


Reliable and honest

From us, you get what is promised. As a family business, keeping our promises is a matter of honor. Mutual trust is the key to lasting customer relationships.


Constantly evolving

The world changes and so do our customers’ challenges. At HAVEL, we constantly strive to develop our operations so that we can solve your challenges even better.



Together with HAVEL, you know you are part of a sustainable change. We invest uncompromisingly in sustainable operations and have set the stepping stones towards carbon-neutral production.


Since the year 1989, HAVEL has worked hard to become a reliable partner, establishing a strong position among its customers.



HAVEL Spiral suojaspiraalit
The first hose guards were developed.



HAVEL started foreign trade. The company acquired its first foreign customers at the Elmia exhibition in Sweden.



From a Ky to an Oy

The company type changed as the business grew.


The manufacturing of track and chain tools for forestry machines began.



Mika and Suvi involved in company ownership

Seppo’s children, Mika and Suvi Hassinen, became part owners of the family company.


HAVEL expanded its product range with a new product group, starting to develop and manufacture stump grinders.


Through a business acquisition, HAVEL expanded its business operations and started manufacturing products from recycled rubber.


A new model, the L16, was developed for the stump grinders.


HAVEL Spiral suojaspiraalit

Hose guards became available in multi-coloured versions and with customised logos.


Suvi became CEO

Suvi Hassinen became the company’s new CEO after Seppo Hassinen moved on to product development.


A new product, the Land leveller, was developed for the rubber products.



The stump grinders got a completely new addition when the production of rotary blade K-series stump grinders began.


Investing in customer experience

New account managers Jussi Solapuro and Hannu Salminen started their work in developing customer experience and sales.


Subcontracting started when HAVEL started offering CNC milling and CNC turning.


HAVEL Spiral suojaspiraalit

HAVEL started the Smart Guard service. The purpose of the service is to develop spiraling solutions designed for the customer’s needs, improve work ergonomics, work safety and meaningfulness of work.


The range of stump grinders was expanded from three to eight models.


Strategic knowledge is improved

HAVEL invested strongly in strategic work by increasing the size of its board with new members.

Hassinen Veljekset Oy was established by 1989, by the brothers Seppo and Timo Hassinen. Already back then, both had several decades of experience with forestry machinery, and at the time the company was founded, Seppo moved from the cabin of a forestry machine to a full-time position with the company, while Timo continued working on forestry machinery. The company was known under the name Hasvel at the time, manufacturing Ranturi boat racks exclusively for the domestic market, as well as hose guards, still the main product of the company. HAVEL started exporting in the mid-90s, and products are currently exported to about 20 countries, mainly in Central Europe. Over the years, HAVEL’s product range has expanded, and the company’s business operations have been divided into three segments: Spiral, Mechanics and Ranturi. In 2014, Seppo’s children Mika and Suvi, who had been working for the company for a long time, became part owners of the family company. Just like in the early days of the business, HAVEL continues to develop its products and services at their Ilomantsi factory, to meet the changing needs of their clients.



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